Keep life simple

WHO does WHAT?

WHICH truck goes WHERE?

WHICH supplier to use?

SILOGS will help and advise you!

A system also affordable for the small companies!

Manage your entire workflow with one system!

simple pricing

simple modular choice

simple deployment

simple maintenance

What is

SILOGS is the first planning platform adapted for all transport types, transport companies and product types:

  • Road transport with own fleet
  • Transport forwarding
  • Intermodal transport – ROAD/RAIL
  • Multimodal
  • Maritime

SILOGS is adapted for palletized and bulk loaded products:

  • “Off the shelf” option with short implementation time and low costs: You choose your modules and OFF you GO!
  • “Premium” option that is fully customizable based on customer needs
  • Integration possibilities on request

10 fully integrable modules

Order Management

Order Planning

Driver Management

Fleet Management

Administration Management

Reporting Management

Profitability Management

Document Management

Customer Management

Supplier Management